VIETNAM WAR U.S. Chinstrap for M1 steel helmet Original

They are back!!! We have got a small batch of the chin straps so hurry on this.

This ORIGINAL UNISSUED VIETNAM ERA CHIN STRAP FOR THE M1 STEEL HELMET is in Mint Condition. Ball and Catch Closure Comes Complete With Clamps To Fasten Onto The D-Ring On Steel Helmets. It Is Adjustable, The Chin Strap For The M1 Steel Helmet is in unissued mint condition. This type of strap was used late WWII (sewing on is preferred) Korean war, Vietnam war and into the late 1970's.

  • Has clips to quickly attach to your helmet.
  • Will work on U.S. M1 helmets or even on the dough boy type helmets. 
  • Clips will remove easy so straps can be sewn on.
  • The straps can be washed to weather and age them so they will look like the so called "ORIGINALS" you see on auction sites.


Price: $9.99