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RustyBayonet is a family business and we have been having some hard times lately. We will be changing and updating the site starting today, February 7th, 2014, and welcome any suggestions, comments or product ideas. Please use the Contact Us tab if you want to contribute. Thanks!

Military Surplus, Camping, Survival, Reenacting and so much more!

We offer Military surplus from many different countries such as:
USA, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Austria and Sweden.
We pride ourselves on doing what it takes to make our customers happy. If you want an item we do not sell,
please send us an email using the 'contact us' bar on the left, and let us know what you want.
We will check our many suppliers for you!

Are you a PREPPER?? Please check out our Survival Gear page and see some of the gear
you need to be prepared for "End Times" or to 'Bug Out.'

We offer a Custom Embroidery Service!!!
Our big seller has been Custom "Class B" t-shirts for Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts & Venture Crews! We will include your Troop, Pack or Crew number. We offer special discounts for multiple items ordered at one time.
If you send us a usable bitmap picture, we should be able to make it into a patch or put it on clothing.
We can make most WWII patches, although we cannot send certain German WWII patches to locations where
they are illegal.
For more information, or to ask questions, please
send us an E-Mail
We have had the chance to help in the making of the WWI Film Documentary, "Voices of a Never Ending Dawn"

If you are purchasing for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts and are buying for your whole Den, Pack or Troop, PLEASE e-mail us before you order and we will work out the best deal for you!